Portable Bathroom Rental Santa Barbara

D Aguiar Productions offers a diverse range of portable bathroom rentals in Santa Barbara County, CA. We can step up to the demands of any event, occasion, or crowd size. Whether you’re in need of facilities for a studio production set, an emergency response, or simply a company or family event, we’ve seen and done it before. We provide the ideal restroom solution for your situation. Our portable toilets are not your bog-standard porta-potties. We offer luxurious, hygienic, and comfortable bathroom facilities which meet the highest standards of sanitation in Santa Barbara.


Consider These Points When Selecting Luxury Portable Restroom Trailers in Santa Barbara

Porta-potties have come a long way from their humble beginnings decades ago. Our modern luxury portable restrooms can look, feel, and smell like stepping into a high-class hotel. For all your event hosting needs, D Aguiar Productions is here to provide your portable restroom solution. But before you commit to a rental, ensure you’re getting what your event requires.

  • Event Length: How long will the event last? Obviously, the longer your guests are present, the likelier it is they will need to use your restroom facilities.
  • Volume of Food and Drink Served: Are you providing a meal, or meals at this event? Will there be alcohol served? Both of these factors significantly increase the amount of time your restroom facilities will be in use. Alcohol in particular is a multiplier.
  • Weather: When is the event taking place? If it’s happening between May and October, your guests will be appreciating the peerless Santa Barbara weather, ranked first in the country. However, it’s also highly likely they’ll be drinking more to help them cool down. This has a knock-on effect on restroom usage.
  • Average Age of Attendees: Will your event be attended mainly by the elderly or children? You should take this into account when making choices about the number of restrooms you make.
  • Sex of Attendees: Will your guests skew more male or female? You may need more mobile restroom stalls if there are significantly more female attendees. Events with mainly male attendees can get away with more urinal stalls and fewer full restroom stalls.
  • Multiple-Day Events: Will you require toilet trailers for more than one day? If so, that will likely mean either greater waste tank capacity, or distribution of waste over a greater number of restrooms.


At large events, particularly prestige events like weddings and birthdays, you want your guests’ maximum wait time to be short. A line of ten people is unacceptable.


FAQs for the Best Portable Toilet Rental in Santa Barbara, CA


We know you’ll have questions about our service and our facilities. We welcome the scrutiny: we have nothing to hide about the quality of our service.


Q: Why rent a portable toilet in Santa Barbara County from us?

A: Our portable toilets are high quality and can withstand heavy usage while maintaining their exceptional appearance. We have a substantial inventory of portable toilets suitable for events of any size. We’ve been renting portable toilets across Southern California for over 20 years, to some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry. We also handle plenty of family occasions, sporting events, and other big-ticket events. Every step of the rental process, you’ll be dealing with one of our experienced professionals.


Q: Do your toilets come with trailers?

All of our models are either bedded on trailers or easily integrated into trailer units, whether they are the 12 foot long 2 station units or our 24 foot long 10 station deluxe trailer.


Q: Is there any danger of the waste tank reaching capacity?

If you’ve planned appropriately, it should never get close to being an issue. Our restroom units have a combined waste tank, with even our smallest unit (the Solar Prestige) having a 120 gallon capacity. It would take over 220 uses for this unit to reach capacity. This is well outside projected use at the small events we typically rent the Solar Prestige to.


Q: Do you provide toilet waste disposal?

Yes. We can take the toilet unit back with waste tank and dispose of its contents appropriately.


Enterprises and individuals alike can rent one of D Aguiar’s premium portable toilets. You’ll be taken care of by our professional team of drivers, installers, and restroom attendants. Our extensive array of services are ready for your next event, be it a festival, wedding, party, sports tournament, or other. Don’t let worrying about restroom facilities be another time and energy sink for your special events when we are ready and able to help. Our restrooms come with flushing units, and sinks for sanitation. They will be delivered to your site with all the accessories and features you need for operation.


Choose Santa Barbara CA Porta Potty Rentals

When you choose a local, premium California vendor, you can be more confident in getting superlative customer service from dedicated providers. Your restroom will arrive when you need it, with a reasonable expectation of high quality, and comply with state regulations and requirements. You can also rest assured that the unit will have been serviced regularly and that your provider will be at hand in the unlikely event you have issues. D Aguiar Productions is one such proudly Californian vendor. We cut our teeth on meeting the demands of the largest studios and production companies in Los Angeles, so you know that we deliver customer service that can’t be beat.


California is a state that believes in preserving the environment, and those values are shared by us at D Aguilar Productions. That’s why we are proud of our solar-powered restroom unit, the Solar Prestige. This 2-stall unit does not skimp on the extras. Both of the single stalls feature individual washstalls, incandescent lighting, a vanity mirror, and hooks for jackets and personal effects. It comes fully stocked with sanitary seat pads, dual toilet rolls, paper towels, and soap. Its 200 gallon fresh water tank means it has plenty of flushes available as well as water for hand washing. It can handle small crowds (under a hundred people) for up to six hours. It can even broadcast FM and AM radio from its internal sound system. The perfect restroom solution for environmentally conscious individuals having a block party, birthday party, quinceanera, or bar/bat mitzvah party.


Santa Barbara Porta Potty Rental for Weddings, Sports Events, and Concerts

Take a look through our ‘Trailers’ section to see the extent of the restroom facilities we offer for events of different sizes. We’re sure you’ll find something suitable for your event. If you need help deciding or you aren’t sure what your event might require, check in with us. We would be happy to advise on what would be appropriate for your guests. If you are planning an outdoor wedding or other outdoor event, we can give you the unit that will fit your needs perfectly. After all, you’re putting so much thought into aspects of the day like food, decor, and photography. You don’t want to let a small but crucial detail like restroom facilities to undermine what should be a perfect day. We take every step to avoid it. That’s why many of our restroom units come with climate control and optional winter package. Most units we offer also feature DVD, TV, and radio systems to ensure that the party doesn’t stop while you’re using the facilities. We can even facilitate a live stream of the event to the restrooms so people can see what’s happening while they’re reapplying makeup or washing their hands.


Choose D Aguiar Productions for your portable bathroom rental in Santa Barbara.