Best Luxury Portable Restrooms Bel Air

Where can you find luxury portable restrooms Bel Air will approve of? Event planners trying to put together outdoor parties and other events are right to consider the answer to this question carefully. The name Bel Air carries with it a particular cachet. Widely regarded as the wealthiest of all Los Angeles neighborhoods, its denizens and those who visit alike expect the very best from functions that are hosted in the Bel Air Estates. That’s why it’s unlikely that construction site porta potty rentals are going to cut it. It’s well worth investing a little extra in luxury portable toilet rentals to ensure that your special event is a success. D. Aguiar Productions is available for portable restroom rental in and around the Los Angeles area. Over more than 20 years, we have amassed experience and acclaim from clients big and small alike. We pride ourselves on both our excellent facilities and our responsive customer service. Our range of multi-stall bathroom trailer rentals offers sanitation solutions for events of all sizes, varieties, and durations.

Bel Air Luxury Restrooms

Aguiar Productions has become an industry leader in the field of luxury restroom trailers because we understand that a restroom needs to rise to the occasion it’s booked for. There’s no ‘one size fits all’ policy when it comes to five-star events. Most mobile restrooms are extremely cramped affairs, with little light, and a distinctly unsanitary atmosphere. People who’ve made an effort to dress up for your wedding, social function, or corporate event don’t want to risk their attire in a smelly, dark cubicle. Think of a good restroom trailer as similar to a well-maintained air conditioning unit. At its best, it is welcome relief from unpleasant conditions. When you’re not actively, personally benefiting from it, it should go without notice and require no special attention to keep doing its job. We know a little about air conditioning: most of our trailers are themselves fitted with climate control measures, for the comfort of our clients in summer or winter, if required. Even our smallest trailers are designed to improve the experience of your guests in multiple small but important ways. Our 2-station trailer features vanity mirrors for each station, as well as radio, TV, and DVD capabilities. Unlike the cramped conditions of your average portable restroom, our trailer’s stalls are around 7×4 feet in area, which means even those in impractical formal wear can use the facilities in comfort. The 2-station trailer has a 375-gallon capacity for waste, which is sufficient to serve an event of 80 people for 8 hours. It also comes with a fresh water tank of 150 gallons, which is considerably more than is required for an event of that duration.

What You Need To Know When Selecting Portable Restroom Trailers For Your Bel Air, CA Event

There are many factors to consider when planning restroom facility rental for an event in Bel Air CA. For an inexperienced event planner, some elements are easy to overlook.

  • Will food and/or drink be served? The longer the event runs, the larger an impact the availability of food and drink will have on the necessity for restroom facilities.
  • Will alcohol be served? Even more so than other beverages, this element can be a significant multiplier on general restroom usage. As well as being additional fluid, alcohol is a diuretic, or chemical which induces the body to produce more liquid waste. As well as taking alcohol into account, consider the demographics of people likely to be drinking. Is your event a concert for twentysomethings? There will likely be a lot of drinking. A corporate BBQ with employees bringing their children? Likely considerably less drinking.
  • What will the weather be like? A hot day can mean that people are inclined to drink more, which will mean more people using the restroom more frequently.
  • What are the demographics of your event? More women than men means that in general, more people will be using restrooms more frequently and on average, for longer. More very young or very old people also means that there will be a greater need for restroom facilities.

As well as these factors, consider the following questions:

What’s a reasonable guideline for the number of toilets to rent?

When operating on the premise that normal usage is in effect, a ratio of one stall per seventy-five female guests and one urinal for every hundred male guests, as well as one restroom stall per four hundred male guests, is an appropriate guideline. Remember that unless you’re explicitly having unisex restrooms, you might need to hire additional facilities so that there are sufficient stalls both with and without urinals.

What happens if the waste tank reaches capacity?

This is extremely unlikely to happen, so long as you rented the appropriate number of stalls. Our smallest capacity unit is the Solar Prestige. That has a 120 gallon waste tank, which is good for approximately 220 uses. If you think that will be insufficient, hire additional facilities.

Am I responsible for the waste tank, after the event?

Absolutely not. D. Aguiar will take the restroom trailers, including the waste tank, when the rental period is complete. We can safely process and dispose of the contents elsewhere.

How big are your units, and can they be detached from their trailers?

In order to provide the best quality portable restroom experience, our trailers are integral to the restroom stalls. The smallest units are 12 feet long. The largest are 24 feet. We recommend to allow significant extra space around them, so that it is easier to maneuver them in and out of their positions, and easier to hook them up to mains power and water, if required.

Is there anything I should be doing to maintain the units during the event?

For shorter events, any maintenance is unlikely. Events longer than eight hours could benefit from having someone assigned to periodically ensure that each stall is in good condition, supplied with toilet paper, and that countertops and floors are clean and dry.

Choosing the Best Luxury Mobile Restroom Trailers Bel Air, CA 

When looking for an excellent portable toilet rental service for your Bel Air event, you may have to search for a while to find the company that matches your requirements precisely. You might be looking for a company with restroom trailers that can have their interiors decorated to match the theme of your party. Or a company that offers wi-fi services in its restrooms as well as television screens, to ensure that people don’t miss out on the action of the event while using the facilities. You may even be running a green event and looking for a company that can provide solar-powered restrooms that won’t harm the environment. If those are your requirements, D. Aguiar Productions is the company for you. When we started our company, we were providing VIP restroom trailers to the likes of Sony, Warner Brothers, and Paramount. It was a high bar for us, but we rose to meet it and exceled. We have assisted with hundreds of commercial productions, TV shows, films, and music videos. We also support events of many varieties. We are at hand if you need luxury portable restroom trailers for your:

  • Fundraiser
  • Wedding reception
  • Birthday party
  • Bar/bat mitzvah
  • Quinceañera
  • Corporate event
  • Concert
  • Festival
  • Sports event
  • Holiday party

Bel Air is known to have many opulent private estates for hosting events, such as the Bel Air Estate. There are also venues available for certain categories of events like the Bel Air Church. It’s also proximal to many other famous venues such as the Greystone Mansion.

If you are interested in hiring luxury portable restrooms for your Bel Air event, don’t hesitate. Call us on (310) 925-0967 today to request a quote.